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1911 A1 Pistol
22 Long Rifle Ballistic Tables
22 Rimfire Rifles, Current production
22 Rimfire Rifles, Out of production
30-06 Springfield, Cast Bullet Load for
30-06 Springfield, Loading for
30-06 Springfield, Reduced power Loads for 30-30 Winchester, Loading for
303 British, Loading for
38 Special, Relationship between barrel length and velocity of
.410 Brass Shotgun Shells, Using 303 British cases to make
.410 Gauge Plastic Shells, Reloading
.410 Gauge Cartridge, History of
6.5 - 257 Roberts die set, Herters
7.5 x 55mm Swiss, Loading for
7.62 x 39mm Russian , Loading for
7.62 x 51mm NATO
7.62 x 51mm NATO, Blue Plastic Training Rounds
7.62 x 51mm NATO, Cast Bullet Loads
9 x 18 mm Makarov cases, making and reloading
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Air Pistol, Crosman 1377
Air Rifle
Air Rifle, Winchester Daisy 800X
Alcan Reloading Components
Alliant Pistol and Shotgun Powders, Reduced power Rifle Loads Using
Ammunition Shelflife
Bair Reloading Presses
Balistite, Super M
Ballistic Data on Military Surplus Ammunition
Basic Manual of Military Small Arms, A
Beretta M9 Pistol
Big Game Hunting Rifle Selection
Bird Shot and Buck Shot Pellet Sizes
Black Powder - measuring using the ball in palm method
Blank Ammunition, U.S. Military
Brass 37mm Cannon Shell
Buckshot Loads
Bullet casting
Cast Lead Bullets, Loading with
Centerfire Metallic Cartridge Reloading
Chinese Counterfeit 30 Carbine Ammunition
Choke, Shotgun
Chronograph Data for Military Surplus Ammunition
Clay Target Loads for Shotgun
Connecticut Valley Arms Cap & Ball Revolver
Connecticut Valley Arms Percussion Rifles
Crosman Model 1377 Pump Air Pistol
Cut Shells
CZ 452 Bolt Action Rimfire Rifle, Czech
Damascus Shotguns - Caution against use
Definitions of Firearm Terms
Density of Lead Bird Shot
Dynamit Nobel AG (DAG) Blue Plastic 7.62 x 51 NATO Training Ammunition
Elephant Brand Blackpowder
Ephemera, Firearms
Federal Ordnance M14
Frankford Arsenal Primers
Gallery Practice Cartridges and Gallery Loads, 30-06
Gamo Airgun Pellets, 0.177 Caliber
Garcia Bronco 22 Caliber Rifle
Garden Gun
Gun Powder - Blackpowder
Gunpowder, Smokeless
Handgun Actions
Handgun Centerfire Cartridges
Handguns, Military Surplus
Handguns, U.S. Military
Hansen Cartridge Company
Headstamp List for Cartridges
Hercules Smokeless Powder - see Alliant
Herter's Inc.
Herter's Smokeless Powder
How long will modern ammunition remain viable?
Indian 7.62 x 51 NATO with OFV 02 headstamp
Ithaca Model 37
Kentucky Rifle, Origins of the
Kentucky Rifle Kit, CVA
Kentucky Rifle Kit, Traditions
Lee Custom Engineering
Lee Enfield Rifle No.4 Mark 1
Lee Load All 2
Lee Loader for Shotgun Shells, Instructions for
Loverin style cast bullet
M1916 37mm Cannon
Makarov Pistol
Marlin Model 101 and Marlin Glenfield Model 10 Rimfire Rifles
Marlin Model 336 and Model 30 Lever Action Rifles
Marlin Model 60 Rimfire Rifle
Mequon Reloading Corporation
Military Rifle Cartridges, General Information on
Military Surplus Ammunition
Military Surplus Firearms, About
Military Surplus Rifles
Muzzleloading, Blackpowder for
Muzzle-Loading Rifles, CVA Muzzle Velocity - Barrel Length
Nation's Gun Show - December 2012
Norinco ATD
OFV Headstamped 7.62 x 51 NATO Cartridge
Paper Shotgun Shells
Pellets , Air Gun
Plastic Bullets, Blue
Plastic Bullet, Speer Target-38
Potomac Arms - Alexandria, VA
Primers, Frankford Arsenal
Pump Shotguns
Pyrodex Black Powder Substitute
Reduced power Rifle Loads Using Alliant Pistol and Shotgun Powders
Reloading components - buying from private individuals
Reloading components, Old and Obsolete
Reloading components - Salvaging from Loaded Ammunition
Reloading for Handguns
Reloading Metallic Cartridges
Reloading Tools for Metallic Cartridges.
Reloading with Cast or Swaged Lead Bullets
Remington Model 11 Semi Auto Shotgun
Remington Model 31 Pump Action Shotgun
Remington 341-P Bolt Action Rifle
Remington 572 Lightweight Pump Action Rifle
Remington 870 Pump Shotgun
Remington Nylon Rifles 66, 77, 11, 12, 76
Remington Viper 22 Rimfire Rifle
Revolver , Handgun Operation
Rex Smokeless Powder
Rimfire Cartridges
Rimfire Cartridges, 22 Long Rifle
Rimfire Rifles , Out of Production
Rimfire Shotguns
Rolling Block Rifle Action
Rossi Puma Carbine
Rossi Revolvers
Ruhr American Reloading Tools
Saturday Night Specials
Semiauto Rifle Actions
Shotgun Index
Shotshell Reloading Tools
Shot sizes and shotgun gauges
Shot Sizes, Lead or Steel
Shotgun Action Types
Shotgun Primers, Remington 97 and 57
Shotgun Shells, Loads for
Sintered Iron Pistol Bullets
Small Bore Shotgun
SKS , Loading for
Smokeless Powder
Spanish Mauser, Model 1916
Speer Plastic Bullets and Cases
Springfield 951 Bolt Action Shotgun
Spring Piston Air Rifle
Super M Balistite
Survival Rifles
Terminology, Firearm
Thompson Submachine Gun, Advertisement for
Tokarev T-33 Pistol
Traditions Kentucky Rifle Kit, Test of
Trap, 16 yard
TZ 80 Headstamp, Israeli 7.62 NATO Cartridge
Walther P-38 and P-1 Pistol
Wax Bullets in Handgun Rounds
Winchester 1911 Self-Loading Shotgun
Winchester 22 Auto Ammunition
Winchester 94 Lever Action Rifle
Winchester Daisy Air Rifle

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