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Some of the most common pump shotguns of current or recent manufacture.

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Remington Model 870

One of the most popular shotguns ever made. Currently in use by numerous police departments throughout the Country as well as by all branches of the U.S. Military. Very reliable and easy to take apart and clean.

Over the years Remington has produced two basic versions of this shotgun. The inexpensive 870 Express which has a Phosphate finish commonly with a birch stock and the higher end 870 Wingmaster with a blued finish and walnut stock.

An interesting variant sold by Walmart in the mid 1990s were some 12 gauge 870 Express combo shotguns which had oil finished walnut stocks. They came with two barrels, one 28 inch vent rib barrel which used changeable choke tubes and a 20 inch fixed improved cylinder choked slug barrel with rifle sights. I don't think that they were a special contract rather I suspect that Remington had a shortage of the standard express stocks and substituted the walnut rather than delay fulfillment of their existing contract with Walmart.

Winchester Model 1300

This gun may have a slight edge over the Remington 870 on speed of operation but not enough for the average user to detect. Aluminum Alloy Receiver. The Winchester model 1300 is identical to the Winchester model 1200 except that these guns were produced when Winchester owned by U.S. Repeating Arms.

Mossberg 500

Inexpensive and reliable, the Mossberg 500 pump shotgun is in general a decent design. One drawback is that the forearm tends to rattle when the gun is carried. While perfectly normal for this design, it is not a desirable particularly when stalking game.

Maverick Model 88

Manufactured by a subsidiary of Mossberg, this pump action shotgun was made for the very low end of the market. Pretty much the same as the Mossberg 500 except the receiver is made out of an Aluminum alloy instead of steel and the barrel has a fixed choke rather than being thread for choke tubes. 28 inch Maverick barrels were choked modified and 30 inch barrels were choked full. Also there is a cross bolt safety behind trigger instead of on rear of the receiver as is the case with the model 500.

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