Old Rimfire Rifles

A bewildering array of 22 rimfire rifles have been sold in the United States over the past century. Far too many to catalogue on this site. Most are no longer in production but many of them can still be found on in the second hand market. Here are on this page I list a few of the more common models which can be bought used and a few of the more intriquing designs.

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Bolt Action Rimfire Rifles

With most 22 rimfire turn bolt action rifles, the bolt may be removed by opening the action and then holding down the trigger. The bolt may then be withdrawn.

Norinco Model JW-15

The Norinco JW-15 is a copy of the Czech ZKM-451 training rifle, which is the predecessor of the current CZ 452. Manufactured in China, it was imported by Interarms in the 1990's. It is a good basic rifle that is surprisingly accurate. The iron sights are rather crude but receiver is grooved for standard tip off scope mounts.

In the mid 90's the JW-15 was sold by Walmart for a retail price of about 100 dollars.

Norinco JW-15
Overall Length (inches) 41.75
Weight (lbs) 5.75
Action Type Bolt Action turn bolt
Barrel Length (inches) 24.0
Cartridge 22 Long Rifle
Magazine Capacity 5 round detachable magazine

The stock was made of a varnished chinese hardwood with a plastic corrogated butt plate.

If a JW-15 is missing it's magazine, it is very likely that a CZ 452 magazine will function in it as does in mine.

A ten round magazine was also manufactured by Norinco for this rifle, which could be purchased separately.

Marlin Model 101 and Marlin Glenfield Model 10

After loading, the rifle must be manually cocked by pulling back the cocking knob on the bolt in order to fire it.

Marlin Model 101
Overall Length (inches) 40.0
Weight (lbs) 4.5
Action Type Bolt Action Turn Bolt
Barrel Length (inches) 22.0
Cartridge 22 Long Rifle
Magazine Capacity Single shot
Sights Semi buckhorn rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation, Hooded Ramp front sight

The Marlin Model 101 was introduced in 1941 and discontinued in 1976. The receiver is grooved for mounting a scope. At various times these rifles used a pull ring or T shaped cocking piece.

Marlin Glenfield Model 10
Overall Length (inches) 40.0
Weight (lbs) 4.5
Action Type Bolt Action Turn Bolt
Barrel Length (inches) 22.0
Cartridge 22 Long Rifle
Magazine Capacity Single shot
Sights Crude open rear sight made of stamped steel adjustable for elevation. Bead front sight in 3/8 inch dovetail.

The Glenfield Model 10 was manufactured from 1966 to 1978(Brophy 345). The trigger guard is made of a black plastic. The receiver is grooved for mounting a scope. Model 10 rifles without a serial number were manufactured before the NFA* required it in 1968.

It uses the same action as the Marlin 101.

Remington Model 341 Sportmaster

Only manufactured from 1936 to 1940. An unusual design feature of the Model 341 is the cartridge carrier, which lifts the cartridge from the magazine and aligns it's axis with the chamber. The bolt can then push the cartridge forward without the bullet touching any part of the breech face. The intention of this feature is to prevent the bullet tip from being damaged when the round is chambered. Theoretically this will result in better accuracy .

Remington 341-P
Overall Length (inches) 41.55
Weight (lbs) 6.0
Action Type Bolt Action turn bolt
Barrel Length (inches) 24.0
Cartridge 22 Long Rifle
Magazine Capacity Tubular Magazine (15 rnds - 22 LR, 17 rnds - 22 Long, 22 rnds - 22 Short

The 341-P came with an aperature sight with two screw in apertures of two different diameters. The spare aperture doubled as elevation locking nut for the sight. The rifle originally retailed for 14.00 dollars. The receiver barrel assembly can be removed from stock by loosening the screw on the bottom of the forearm.

Semiauto Rimfire Rifles

Norinco ATD

The Norinco ATD is a Chinese manufactured copy of the Browning Automatic 22 Rimfire rifle designed by John Browning. An interesting design feature is that the rifle ejects out of the bottom of the gun which allows it to be fired left or right handed.

There is no bolt hold open in this design, so it will be necessary to stove pipe a cartridge case or use a chamber indicator to show that the gun is empty. Imported by Interarms from 1987(Shideler 649) until 1994 when the importation of firearms and ammunition from the Peoples Republic of China was banned.

Norinco ATD
Overall Length (inches) 37.0
Weight (lbs) 4.7
Action Type Blow back semi auto
Barrel Length (inches) 19.5
Cartridge 22 Long Rifle
Magazine Capacity 11 rounds, Tubular magazine in butt stock

By all accounts it appears to be a faithful copy of the original Browning design. There is some question regarding the degree to which parts will interchange between the original Browning rifles and the Chinese copy. That being said, an aquaintance of mine reported to me that he had an original Browning 22 semiauto which kept jamming so He replaced the guts of the rifle with those from a Norinco ATD and it worked perfectly after that.

Remington also manufactured a copy of the Browning designed rifle called the Model 24 from 1922 to 1935. This had a barrel length of 21 inches. A later updated version called the 241A had a 24 inch barrel and was produced from 1935-1951. Both rifles were sold chambered in 22 short or in 22 long rifle

Remington Model 522 Viper

The Remington Model 522 Viper was introduced in 1993 and discontinued 5 years later. The rifle was a commercial failure and in my opinion, a stain on the reputation of Remington Arms. Cheaply made, the 522's black synthetic stock and receiver were made of a plastic resin called Rynite. No doubt this was done to reduce costs and to make the rifle look modern and high tech. The barrel was the only substantial piece of steel on the gun. Unfortunately for Remington the performance and reliability of the rifle was disappointing. Some people swore by them but many more swore at them. A common complaint was with the rifle's occasional failure to feed from the magazine but the most frequent complaint was with the non adjustable trigger and plastic sear.

The trigger pull on these rifles is probably the worst that I have ever come across (more than 9 pounds). It is almost impossible to do any accurate shooting with a Viper. If you bought one particularly when they first came out, you have my condolences.

Remington Model 522 Viper
Overall Length (inches) 39.5 inches
Weight (lbs) 4.6
Action Type Blow back semi auto side eject
Barrel Length (inches) 19.75
Cartridge 22 Long Rifle
Magazine Capacity Ten round curved detachable magazine
Sights Blade front sight, open rear sight adjustable for elevation

Receiver is grooved for scope mounts

Single Shot Breakopen

Garcia Bronco

Single shot rimfire rifle chambered for 22 long rifle. Initially made in the U.S. and then made by Rossi of Brazil. It was imported by by Firearms International Corporation and then by Garcia Corporation. Manufactured from 1968 to 1978(2010 Standard Catalog, 488). The action is a conventional break open design with a cast metal frame stock painted black. There is a trigger like lever in front of trigger guard that opens the action.

Garcia Bronco
Overall Length (inches) 34.0
Weight (lbs) 3.0
Barrel Length (inches) 16.6
Magazine Capacity 1
Action Type Break open single shot

A 410 shotgun and a 410/ 22lr combination gun was also imported both of which had 20 inch barrels to comply with BATF regulations. Made from 1976 to 1978. The 410 barrel on the Garcia brand guns has a fixed full choke. On the combination gun, the barrel selector button is in the frame. The weight of the Garcia combination gun is 3.5 pounds.

Pump Action Rimfire Rifles

Remington Model 572 Lightweight

Remington 572 Lightweight
Overall Length (inches) 40.0
Weight (lbs) 4.0
Action Type Pump action side eject
Barrel Length (inches) 21.0
Cartridge 22 short, long and long rifle
Magazine Capacity Tubular magazine under the barrel; 15 long rifle, 17 long or 20 short

This extremely light pump action rifle has an aluminum alloy receiver and a 21 inch aluminum barrel with steel sleeve. The metal finish was produced in three different colors; Crow Wing Black, Buckskin Tan and Teal Wing Blue. The model 572 lightweight was only manufactured from 1958 to 1962. Teal Wing Blue was the least common finish and is the variant most sought after by collectors.

* NFA (National Firearms Act of 1968)

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