Rossi Puma

Model 92SRC (Saddle Ring Carbine)

First introduced in 1978 and imported by Interarms(Warner 324), the Rossi Puma or Saddle Ring Carbine was copied from the John Browing designed Winchester Model 92 lever action rifle.

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Rossi Puma Model 92SRC
Cartridge 357 Magnum
Overall Length (inches) 37.0
Weight (lbs) 5.75
Barrel Length (inches) 20.0
Magazine Capacity 9 shots - 8 rounds in a tubular magazine and one in the chamber
Action Type Lever Action
Sights Crude open rear sight made of stamped steel adjustable for elevation. Blade front sight in dovetail.

The Rossi Puma chambered in 357 Magnum can also fire 38 special cartridges but wad cutter rounds must be loaded singly as they will not feed properly from the magazine. I have never had any problem with firing 38 special ammunition with semi wadcutter or flat point bullets. Ammunition with round nose full metal jacketed bullets must not be used in the tubular magazine.

Reloading for the Carbine

357 Magnum
Bullet 158 grain Lead Semi Wad Cutter with Gas Check
Powder 9.0 grains Ramshot True Blue
Primer CCI 550
Cartridge Case Sellier and Bellot
Firearm Rossi Model 92
Barrel Length 20.0 inches
Avg Muzzle Velocity 1551 feet per second
38 Special
Bullet 125 grain Lead Flat point plain base
Powder 7.0 grains Alliant Blue Dot
Primer CCI 550
Cartridge Case Winchester
Firearm Rossi Model 92
Barrel Length 20.0 inches
Avg Muzzle Velocity 1064 feet per second
Standard Deviation 30.1 feet per second

The Rossi Puma lever action carbine has also been made in 44 Magnum, 44-40 Winchester, 480 Ruger and 454 Casul.

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