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Bolt Action Rimfire Rifles

With most 22 rimfire turn bolt action rifles, the bolt may be removed by opening the action and then holding down the trigger. The bolt may then be withdrawn.

CZ 452 ZKM Standard

Excellent rifle manufactured in the Czech Republic.

CZ 452
Overall Length (inches) 43.1
Weight (lbs) 6.6
Action Type Bolt Action turn bolt
Barrel Length (inches) 25.0
Cartridge 22 Long Rifle
Magazine Capacity 5 round detachable magazine

The CZ 452 ramp front sight can be raised which allowed me to install a Williams Fool Proof Peep sight without have to change out the front sight. Aperature sights to use for the CZ 452, either Williams Fool Proof for grooved receivers FP-GR or FP-CZ.

Semiauto Rimfire Rifles

Semiauto 22s are all blow back operated. The weight and inertia of the breech block combined with the recoil spring serves to keep the action closed until the projectile exits the barrel.

Due to the relatively modest power of the 22 rimfire cartridge and cost of machining and fitting firearm parts, it is actually cheaper today to manufacture a semiauto rimfire rifle than it is to make a bolt action rimfire rifle.

Marlin Model 60

A decent inexpensive semiautomatic rifle firing 22 long rifle cartridges only. It has a tubular magazine and the standard grooves on top of the receiver for 3/8 inch tip off mounts. This model is perhaps the most common 22 rimfire rifle in the North America and has been sold by just about every chain store that sells or used to sell firearms.

In 1994, I observed in news footage of the Chiapas Revolt in Mexico that one of the rebels shown was armed with a Marlin Model 60 slung on his shoulder.

Marlin Model 60
Overall Length (inches) 37.5
Weight (lbs) 5.5
Action Type Blow back semi auto side eject
Barrel Length (inches) 19.0
Rifling 16 groove, 1 in 16 inches right hand twist
Cartridge 22 Long Rifle
Magazine Capacity 14 round tubular magazine under the barrel

One thing to watch for when cleaning the Marlin Model 60 is that the trigger group is held together by three small steel E clips. There is a tendency for these clips disengage and fall out of the gun when it is fired. Be very careful when pulling the mechanism out of the receiver, if all three E clips have come off then the whole thing will spring apart and you will spend the next couple of hours putting it back together. I have learned this from bitter experience.

Ruger 10-22

Ruger 10/22
Overall Length (inches) 37.0
Weight (lbs) 5.0
Action Type Blow back semi auto
Barrel Length (inches) 18.5
Cartridge 22 Long Rifle
Magazine Capacity 10 round detachable rotary magazine

One of the most popular semiauto 22 rifles in the United States. There are a host of aftermarket stocks, sights, barrels, and magazines, trigger groups and parts manufactured for it.

In fact, I am not aware of any other rimfire rifle in the World that is more customizable than the 10-22.

Mossberg Model 702 Plinkster

Mossberg Model 702 Plinkster
Overall Length (inches)
Weight (lbs)
Action Type Blow back semi auto side eject
Barrel Length (inches) 18
Cartridge 22 Long Rifle
Magazine Capacity 10 round detachable magazine

According the 2011 Ed. of the Gun Digest book of Gun Values(p. 628), the Mossberg model 702 was introduced in 2004.

Pump Action Rimfire Rifles

Remington Model 572

Remington 572 Fieldmaster
Overall Length (inches) 40.0
Weight (lbs) 5.5
Action Type Pump action side eject
Barrel Length (inches) 21.0
Cartridge 22 short, long and long rifle
Magazine Capacity Tubular magazine under the barrel; 15 long rifle, 17 long or 20 short

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