How to Reload Centerfire Cartridges

Ever since the invention of the self contained cartridge, people have sought to obtain the greatest value for the money spent by reloading fired cases with varying degrees of success.

To better understand the handloading process, You should have a basic understanding of firearms and the function of ammunition components. If you don't then I would recommend that you review this page first, A Basic Introduction to Modern Firearms .

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Before you start reloading cartridges there is something that you should understand.

You don't save money by reloading, you will only be able to shoot more for what you are willing to spend.

Basic Steps to Reloading a Cartridge Case

  1. Remove the spent primer and resize the cartridge case
  2. Reprime the cartridge case
  3. Measure the powder charge and pour into the cartridge case
  4. Seat the projectile
  5. Crimp shell or casing to insure that the projectile(s) remain in place and that the loaded round will chamber properly.

Depriming and resizing are generally conducted as one operation. Once fired boxer primed military cases will have crimped in primers. As a separate step, I punch out the primers with a pin punch and remove the crimp from the primer pocket with a small box cutter.