Out of Production Reloading Components

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Herter Powders

Remington Bronze Point Bullets

I have found that the Remington Bronze point bullets yielded no better accuracy than that the pulled GI bullets. The standard Remington coreloc soft point seems to be a much better bullet from an accuracy standpoint, which is probably why the bronzepoints are no longer in production.

Some Out of Production Primers

Frankford Arsenal Primers

Tin plated steel can with paper label. The can contains 10 circular fiber board trays, each tray holding 50 domed boxer type corrosive chlorate primers.

CCI 209B

Large pistol primer without anvil used to reload battery cups of shotgun primers.

Federal #399

Shotshell primer for Clay target loads.

Federal 410 Shotgun Primer

Same dimensions as a standard 209 shotshell primer but designed for use with the comparatively slow burning shotgun powders used in 410 gauge cartridges. I have used Federal 410 primers with 12 and 20 gauge target loads without a problem. They may cause over pressure problems with max dram equivalent loads in gauges larger than 410 gauge.

Remington No. 2

Corrosive mercuric primer used for brass shotshells with 0.209 inch diameter primer pocket which is about the diameter of a large pistol primer. Remington No. 2 primers are more of a collectors item today. They are corrosive and unlikely to function reliably at this late date. Also mercuric primers when fired cause the mercury within the primer compound to amalgamate with the walls of the brass case, causing it to become brittle.

Remington 57* Shotgun Primer

Smaller diameter than the standard 209 shotgun primer. Used in Remington Peters shells made in the 1960s and 70s.

Remington 69 Shotgun Primer

The 69 primer is undersize for shotshell hulls made today. It was designed for use in some of the older Remington Peters 410 and 28 gauge shotgun hulls. The 69 primer is the same size as the Remington 57 primer but likely was made hotter to ensure consistent ignition of the slower powders used for the smaller gauges.

Remington 97* Shotgun Primer

209 sized shotshell primer sold during the 1970s and early 80s. Battery cup has an open flash hole making it unsuitable for use with ball or spherical powders.

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* Standard 209 Shotgun Primer is 0.242 inches in diameter.

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