Desperate Times for the American Gun Owner

April 4, 2013

These are indeed desperate times for the American Gun Owner, sky rocketing ammunition prices, massive shortages and perhaps a little paranoia have created a perfect storm of anxiety among the shooting fraternity, many of whom are willing to pay almost any price to add to their stockpile.

Reports are that in some places in the U.S., 22 long rifle ammunition when it can be had, is going for 6 dollars for a 50 round box. About three times the retail price a year or two ago.

In addition, people are buying low grade surplus centerfire ammunition for unbelievably high prices and many more are being cheated by being sold reloaded ammunition as factory made by unscrupulous individuals.

Police departments are finding it difficult to scrape up enough rounds to train their officers. Hunters are having to beg ammunition from their buddies before going out in the field.

It seems that the market for firearm ammunition is out of control. Why is this?

As ammunition prices have risen speculators have gotten into the act. By all accounts, hundreds, perhaps thousands of individuals are going from store to store, buying large quantities of ammunition and components not to use or to hoard for their future use but to sell on and other auction websites at wildly inflated prices.

Though it may be a blasphemous thing to say, for most households in the U.S., arms and ammunition are pretty much a discretionary expense. It is times like these that people need to step back and consider whether it is worthwhile to pay these gougers or to sit it out and wait for prices to go down to something more reasonable.

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